Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo

Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo

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Does your scalp feel dry and irritated? Discover our gentle, cleansing, scalp-comforting shampoo, enriched with Sorbitol. It performs a great balancing act of soothing the scalp whilst refreshing the feeling. For your scalp, the best approach is to create a sense of balance and harmony, so that it can do its job of forming an effective barrier. Specialist scalp care containing active ingredients designed to provide the scalp with the care it needs.

You can use this every day or as a weekly cleanse. Apply evenly to towel-dried hair. Lather. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. For best results, use in conjunction with: Serie Expert Vitamino Colour Conditioner.
Key Ingredients: A refreshing mix of hair caring ingredients to enable a de-sensitized scalp. SORBITWIN; a combination of sorbitol derivative infusing your scalp and hair with important hydration and moisture. VITAMIN PP; performs a great balancing act, while being moisturizing to soothe the scalp and refresh hair in one step


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