Italian Resin Large Round Brush

Italian Resin Large Round Brush

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A Large Round Brush is made with custom-designed Italian resin and combines artisanal design with an ergonomic handle for perfect grip and balanced weight. This brush features the highest-quality boar bristles and soft nylon pins to add maximum volume and shine.

  • 74 mm diameter
  • Highest-quality boar bristles & soft nylon pins ensure brush perfectly grips hair
  • Made of custom-designed Italian cellulose acetate resin
  • Anti-static
  • Handle finished by hand
  • Made in Italy
Clean hair out of brush frequently. Rinse with care as necessary. Avoid aggressive detergents and chemicals. After rinsing, shake to remove excess water and let dry naturally. Brush can be soaked in a disinfectant solution for up to 10 minutes (do not soak overnight).


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