Crème For Style

Crème For Style

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Superior style and substantial shine are a quarter-size dollop away. This stylists’ staple offers firm yet flexible all-day hold and tames frizz with rich moisturizers. Loves curly and straight hair equally.

Adds flexible hold with all-day memory

Great for short hairstyles and long lengths

Conditions and softens hair

Size: 150ml

Start with a quarter-size dollop. Work through hair (wet or dry). Style.
PLANT-DERIVED STARCH provides medium, flexible hold. GERANIUM, LAVENDER AND CHAMOMILE EXTRACTS hydrate the hair. GREEN TEA EXTRACT AND VITAMIN E deliver antioxidant properties. GUAR GUM DERIVATIVES eliminate frizz and static. SILICONE-VITAMIN BLEND provides two levels of shine, instant and long-lasting, in a multilayered gloss.


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Gel Serum Radiance, Magic And Hold

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Free Styler Working Hair Spray

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