Cloud Cool Mist Humidifier

Cloud Cool Mist Humidifier

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Air care made beautiful.

Introducing the Cloud Humidifier: The most beautiful way to take care of your air. This performance-driven humidifier releases a cool mist, which creates your air’s optimal hydration level. This results in healthier skin and hair; a better night’s sleep; and immune system support. Baby-safe, easy to clean, and whisper quiet, it lives at the intersection of form and function. Coming in a beautiful organic shape, Cloud is smaller than most humidifiers and easily fits on your bedside table. It’s the perfect addition to your bedroom setup.

  • 600 sq.-ft. humidifying capacity
  • Up to 24-hour run time
  • Optional night mode
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe water bucket
  • 360-degree rotating mist spout

Color: Oat, Dove and White

Cloud Cool Mist Humidifier replacement part can be purchased here
Remove the water bucket and fill it with water to the fill line. Place it back inside the base and then put the lid on top. Turn the humidifier on, and adjust the mist level as desired or select your ideal run time. Tip: ideal humidity levels for most rooms are between 40% and 60%.
The Cloud Humidifier has a lifetime device warranty. If you have any questions, contact us at


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