Grace Jones on Creating Her Debut Scent with Boy Smells


Grace Jones on Creating Her Debut Scent with Boy Smells


Grace Jones on Creating Her Debut Scent with Boy Smells


I feel feminine when I feel feminine. I feel masculine when I feel masculine. I am a role switcher. - Grace Jones

Being the trailblazer of self-acceptance, and icon of putting-yourself-out-there-without-apology, the timeless GRACE JONES straddles both sides of the binary. She is the original GENDERFUL™ champion, a reminder to proudly be the person you are meant to be, and amplify it. As muse, model, singer and actor, JONES has traversed styles, genres and genders with fluid grace.

GRACE, the eponymous scented candle by GRACE JONES and BOY SMELLS, celebrates the fluidity of identity, while also paying homage to the natural beauty of her home country, Jamaica.

You have always been such an icon when it comes to mixing feminine and masculine style. How does it feel to be a pioneer of androgynous thinking?

It's been around me my whole life because of my [brother] Chris, who passed away. I used to go to the gay bars with him all the time, and my mom would pick us up at the corner so my dad wouldn't know. She was a very cool mom. She just wanted us to get home safely. The LGBTQ+ community is so special, unique, and usually very gifted, because there is that heightened belief that one is not limited to the form that they were born in. They know that society tells them to behave, act, or feel a certain way. When you’re faced with giving up everything to be yourself, it’s very liberating.

About the scent — Never forget where you come from. For GRACE JONES, this is Jamaica, where she was born and raised. This scent is a love letter to the motherland who nurtured her.

Sitting on the coastal rocks during a cool rainfall, the scent of everything is amplified. The rise of black pepper and bergamot waft through the air, as waterlilies and fresh freesia blossom. The smell of salt on your skin and the wet stones dry in the sun of the mineral oceanside. Suddenly, a fresh and brooding scent exists as you’ve never experienced before. Familiar and new all at once. This is the musk of Jamaica after the rain.

 Jones at the Grace launch party. Credit - Hannah Turner Harts/ 
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