Arc Ice

Arc Ice

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Made with Dame’s strongest motor yet, Arc is designed for exploring what feels good for you. Its vibrations can be enjoyed internally by inserting the curved length into your vagina or externally using the squishy, bulb-shaped head. It has five speeds and five different vibrations patterns, and it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and made from medical-grade silicone.

    ✓ Medical grade silicone
    ✓ 7.5" length, 1.4" wide
    ✓ USB rechargeable
    ✓ 5 patterns + 5 intensities
    ✓ Waterproof

    Arc’s handle has the perfect length and curve to give you just the right angles, without straining the hand or wrist. Enjoy different motions, like rocking, rotating, steady nestling, and sliding in and out.


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    Alu Lube

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