Warm Linen Natural Air Freshener Spray

Warm Linen Natural Air Freshener Spray

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A cozy refresh.

Warm Linen is soft and smooth. A calming mix of Lavender and Vanilla essential oils, it makes your space smell gentle and inviting.

Made With 100% Pure Essential Oils
Uses premium plant-based ingredients to offer a better, fresher alternative for you and your home.

Free From Harmful Ingredients
Made without volatile organic compounds, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and small particles.

Easy to Use
Gives your home an instant burst of fresh air—at the press of a button.

Hold the can upright, gently press the button, and hold.
Ethyl alcohol Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) Linalool Nitrogen


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