Tone + Brighten Hair Goals Set

Tone + Brighten Hair Goals Set

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To be the brightest blonde in the room. Treat yourself with the TONE + BRIGHTEN Kit.

Includes SUNSET BLVD Daily Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Sunset Blvd Blonde Toning Masque. This full routine corrects uninvited, dull, yellow hues and prevents fading and brassiness, while imparting shine.


1 x SUNSET BLVD Daily Blonde Shampoo 8.5oz
1 x SUNSET BLVD Daily Blonde Conditioner 8.5oz
1 x SUNSET BLVD Blonde Toning Masque 5oz

Good For:
Daily brightening, repairing and hydrating blonde + gray hair.

Glycerin, a humectant that helps maintain proper levels of moisture in the hair.

Sunflower Sprout Extract, rich in nutrients and vitamins. It acts as an emollient which wraps moisture into the hair. Protects hair from ultraviolet light from the sun.

Vegan Pearl Extract, recognized as a symbol of perfection and beauty, provides revitalizing, moisturizing and shine effects on hair.

Lavender Extract, rich in antioxidants, it has protecting properties against free radicals. Soothes frizz caused by damage.

Plant Protein, has powerful repairing abilities on damaged hair. It helps mend split ends and damage caused by chemical processes. Prevents further damage.

Tara Shrub Extract, enriched with powerful antioxidants. Has protecting properties against oxidative action and acts as a free radical scavenger.

Panthenol, improves damaged hair by improving hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility. Provides hair with sine and suppleness.


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Sunset Blvd Daily Blonde Shampoo

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Sunset Blvd Blonde Toning Masque