The Not So Basic
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The Not So Basic

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The solid that was picked by our fans on the internet. Luckily they picked our favorite, too.

100% waterproof

Everyone likes a little reassurance. Fused with an additional waterproof layer to the inside of our SHHHOWERCAP fabric.

The classic shower cap is reinvented in a sophisticated turban silhouette and an exclusive hue. The innovative Shhhowercap is crafted from nano-tech fabric that flexes to hold every hair type without creating forehead creases. Washable, breathable, and reusable, this modern shower cap is a game changer.

One size fits all hair types & head sizes.

Made with Nanotechnology 

Our premium nano-tech fabric repels water on a molecular level, which means it’s not just waterproof, it’s also hydrophobic. Water beads up and slides right off. Because, science. 

Dries in seconds

Water repels on contact and when the fabric does get wet, it dries immediately. So your SHHHOWERCAP is dry as soon as you step out of the shower. Which means you don’t have to worry about SHHHOWERCAP making a drippy mess of your bathroom floor, gym bag, or suitcase.