L'Oreal Source Essentielle Daily Shampoo


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• Natural & Vegan with 80% of naturally derived ingredients, our formula does not contain animal derived ingredient or by-product 
• Free from silicone for a natural hair feel.

Good For Your Hair: Gently cleanses the hair which, deeply hydrated regains lightness, tonicity and shine. 

Use it like a Pro: Apply on wet hair. Emulsify. Rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. Suitable for a daily use in association with the Daily Detangling Cream. 


• Dried acacia leaves 
• Hydrating ingredient sourced from aloe vera 
• Suspensive jellifying gum 
• Purified water 
• Glycerin: conditioning ingredient 
• Citric acid: stabilizing ingredient 
• Decyl glucoside: cleansing ingredient 
• Caramel: colourant 

The remaining 20% is necessary to ensure the sensorial and right preservation qualities of the formula.