Day, Night and Next Day Hair Care Set
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Day, Night and Next Day Hair Care Set

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A nourishing day, night and next day routine for all hair types.

Set Includes:

  • Elixir Ultime Original Oil
  • 8-Hour Magic Night Serum
  • Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo
    Product Description

    Elixir Ultime Original Oil
    The iconic shine-enhancing hair oil for long-lasting fragrance and durable frizz protection.

    • Leaves a long lasting fragrant halo for up to 24H
    • Reduces split to breakage ends
    • Provides 96H durable anti-frizz protection
    • Instantly & intensely smooths hair
    • Protects from heat up to 230°
    • Facilitates hair manageability
    • Provides 48h of intense shine

    8-Hour Magic Night Serum, 90ml
    An overnight leave-in serum that intensely nourishes dry hair over 8 hours for softer and easier hair to style the next morning.

    • 8H of overnight nourishment
    • Provides easier detangling, avoiding pillow friction.
    • Hair fiber is softer to the touch.
    • Evolving fragrance to promote relaxed sleep and energy in the morning.
    • Increases manageability on normal to coarse hair.
    • Hydrates without weighting down on fine hair.
    • Provides definition to curly hair.

    Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo, 150gr
    Fine fragrance root and hair refreshing dry shampoo for all hair types.

    • Instantly absorbs excess oil on scalp & hair.
    • 24HR long lasting Neroli Oil scented fine fragrance.
    • Fine powder spray for a lightweight touch with a clean feeling.
    • Refresh hair and root at-home + on-the-go.
      How To Use
      Refer to individual product instructions.

      Marula Oil: Enriched in vitamins C and D, it provides intense source of nutrition, antioxidants, to bring to your hair, the nutrients it deserves.

      Camellia Oil: Helps smooth the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine.

      Vitamin E: Acts as deep moisturizer, reduces hair breakage and helps fight against oxidative aggressors.

      Rice Starch: Frequently used in dry shampoo because of its ability to add volume and freshen lank hair by quickly sopping up excess oil on the scalp.

      Iris Root Extract: nourishes progressively & durably over 8h (reverses daytime loss of nutrients & creates a beauty coat on fiber)