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Emily's Picks

Check out our girl, Emily's favourite products in this week's featured collection. Use code “EMILYBETT” to have 10% of your total purchase paid for by us.

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre.

  • Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo - Brush Salon

    Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo


    A dry shampoo with up to 24 hours of fragrance that instantly absorbs oil and leaves the hair with a lightweight, clean feeling. Cheat on bad hair...

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  • LOVE Curl Cream - Brush Salon

    LOVE Curl Cream


    Leave-on serum to obtain better definition on all types of curls or wavy hair. It does not weigh the hair down, it does not leave residue and keep...

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  • LOVE Curl Cleansing Cream - Brush Salon

    LOVE Curl Cleansing Cream


    Conditioning, taming and cleansing cream for wavy to very curly hair. Intensely nourishing and hydrating

  • LOVE Curl Revitalizer - Brush Salon

    LOVE Curl Revitalizer


    Elasticising and revitalizing shampoo for wavy or curly hair. It boosts the vitality and elasticity of curls between shampoos. It controls the fri...

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  • SU Aftersun - Brush Salon

    SU Aftersun


    A soothing, mineral-rich gel that moisturizes and restores the skin’s hydration level after exposure to the sun. It soothes and gives immediate ...

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